A36 Lorry Loader

Course Length

2+ days depending on experience


CPCS Card (Red)

Course Summary

Our CPCS (A36) – Lorry Loader course is aimed at people who require a formal qualification for operating a Lorry Loader. We will conduct a learner analysis to identify the duration of training required for those with limited or no experience, whereas experienced operators can attend a two-day experienced worker course.

Course Details

  • Name and explain principle components and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges
  • Use of the operator’s handbook and go through relevant regulations and legislation
  • Undertake all pre-use checks on the host vehicle and loader crane
  • Configure the vehicle and loader crane ready for travel and guide the vehicle to an area of work
  • Position and configure the vehicle and loader crane for lifting duties and deploy the stabilisers to specification
  • Maintain safe working situations
  • Identify weights and centres of gravity of loads and lift various loads using the full radius and slewing capabilities of the loader crane
  • Programme / set-up and/or comply with Rated Capacity Indicators or Load Moment Indicators for lifting duties
  • Place loads accurately at designated positions including on/into and from the vehicle
  • Explain the use of, types and fitting of boom extensions
  • Minimise the swinging of loads and secure loads on or in the vehicle
  • Explain different types of lifting accessories compatible with loader crane use
  • Prepare the crane in preparation of movement from lifting duties
  • Carry out shut down and securing procedures

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